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cooking academy

Cooking Academy is a game that allows you to be taught by not only the best chefs from around the world, but also at the best academy that provides top of the range facilities to ensure that you receive the best education in the country. Your skills that you learn throughout the game will be put to the test and you will at times feel what it is like to really feel the heat. At the end of your Cooking Academy course, you will receive a diploma certificate to show that you are the best from appetizers to breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. After successfully completing 50 recipes in the various categories as well as 20 exams, it is safe to say that you will be a culinary expert.

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Dietary Smart Eating

There is nothing worse than trying to think of something different to prepare for dinner every evening, when you have had a busy day with juggling work, family and your everyday womanly duties. These delicious meals are perfect for those days when you simply do not have the time or the energy to be creative and enthusiastic about preparing a fantastic home cooked meal.

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Cooking Convenience

fruit salad

We all understand that balancing the many demands on your time is tough when your schedule is packed full with work and personal relationships, maintaining your health as well as a hundred other things. The truth is life is unfair. Office hours don’t run from 10am to noon, toddlers can’t cook for themselves and you will run out of clean clothes if you don’t do the laundry. That’s unfortunately just the way it is. However, I can tell you that what you really need are a couple of quick and convenient healthy meals to see you through the day.

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Chutneys, Relishes and Mustards


Handmade gift are always fun gifts and truly appreciated by the person receiving them as it shows the extra thought and effort that you have put into creating them.  Not only is there the cooking side which makes a much loved, classic gift but also the decorative side.  These gifts can be for various occasions depending on the ribbon that you use, from Christmas ribbons to florals for a birthday or just a plain and simple ribbon for a house warming gift.   Chutneys, mustards and relishes can be made all year round and are able to be stored for months.  It is always handy to have a few spare in your cupboard for when an unexpected gift is required.

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Flavoured Oils and Vinegars


It is wonderful to receive a handmade gift; they don’t need to be expensive or extravagant, people simply appreciate the gesture of time and effort that would have gone into making them.  The packaging may also be decorated with your own flare making it very personal.

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Black Bean and Salmon Toastadas

Calories are many people’s number one concern when it comes to weight loss. For those however, who love food, losing weight when necessary, may be an incredibly difficult and seemingly impossible task. However with delicious, low calorie meals, it is most certainly achievable. As a result of tracking the number of calories you are consuming in your meals, you are able to meet your dietary requirements. Counting calories may be achieved by looking at the calories per serving, indicated on the label of each ingredient. Although this could be timely and getting the measurements inaccurate, could result in an unplanned, high calorie intake. A simpler way to achieve the same result of calorie counting, is by finding great low calorie recipe that incorporate some of your favorite ingredients and flavors. Here the ingredients and proportions are provided therefore saving you time and trouble.

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Soups for Winter


As winter approaches and the days get shorter and darker and the nights get longer, we need to re-think our evening menu.  These icy days really call for a warm and welcoming meal when your family arrive home chilled to the bone.  Nothing achieves this more than a wonderfully thick homemade soup.

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Versatile Chicken

Today our busy lifestyles call for quick, easy meals but from a health point of view, fast foods are not the answer.   Rather do some forward planning and be prepared with wholesome home-cooked frozen meals.  These are easy to prepare in advance and to whip-out on the evenings where you may have had a late meeting at the office or perhaps unexpected visitors pop -in.

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Everyone is a Cooking Celebrity


There have been many celebrities in the world of cooking and in fact new ones seem to appear weekly.  But names that spring to mind immediately are Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey to name just a few. These celebrities have become household names thanks to their television shows and famous recipe books.

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The Wonders of Cucumber


Cucumbers are the most amazing vegetable with such diverse uses that many of us are unaware of its value as it sits in our veggie drawer in the refrigerators.  These versatile vegetables grow along the ground in a vine like manner. The cucumber is originally from India but is now grown on most continents and many different varieties are traded on the global market.

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Delightful Drinks


After a successful dinner party, one always looks for something special to serve to finish off the evening on a high note.  A colleague suggested cocktails which I had no idea how to make but with her help I am able to share these ‘secrets’ with you.  Of course these can also be served as a ‘before dinner’ drink.   However once these recipes have been tried and tested, you will definitely find a spot in the evening to fit them into.

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Burger Shop 2

Players who enjoyed the original Burger Shop will find this sequel is everything the original was plus more. Burger Shop 2 has a whole range of new features that include more levels to play, new characters, new awards, plus exciting twists and turns that will keep players occupied for hours. If you like playing time management games you will love playing Burger Shop 2, while with one hundred and twenty superb levels you will never be bored.

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